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Hear From Our Participants

I have come to deeply appreciate the intricate network of relationships between the different technological functions of the bank, and how the business interface with it. I am very thankful to the trainers for sharing their experiences in tackling past issues, and engaging us to think critically as well.

Calvin Quah,
Mid-career Professional
(at time of pursuing the programme)

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The IBF Level 1 course gave me a good overview and understanding of the architecture, technology and even the risk perspective within a bank. Personally the course not only broadened my knowledge, I can also better appreciate the challenges and importance of some of the functions. This will allow me to communicate more effectively with relevant stakeholders when it comes to making decisions at work.

Kenneth Saw,
Bank Senior Associate

A holistic course which provides an overview perspective of the T&O space in the banking sector, recommended for every new entrant looking for the breadth and depth in their domain knowledge.

Matthias Mar,
Bank Associate

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The course has been enriching and an eye opener for me personally. It was definitely an experiential learning journey through the case studies and group work. The trainers are very knowledgeable and have vast industry experience to share which was indeed valuable and insightful.

Stanley Teo,
SIM Undergraduate

The programme gave me an opportunity to broaden my knowledge in the financial services industry, especially in the technology and operations area of the banking sector. Real-life experience shared by the instructors as well as my classmates who are working in the industry gave me a clearer and practical view on what I’ve learned. Being IBF certified makes me a more confident individual and I believe it will definitely benefit me in my future career endeavours in terms of adaptability and integration into the banking industry.

Alan Goh,
Graduating Student,
Singapore Polytechnic

The programme opens up a whole new world to me! As a Polytechnic student, this programme has not only deepened my understanding of the financial industry and the real-world requirements in relation to technology and operations, but also offered me valuable network opportunity with the industry practitioners. I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the industry professionals and hearing their experience and challenges at work. Ultimately, the FITA program accredited by IBF is unparalleled in terms of the knowledge it provides, the friends you meet and the experience you gain!

Lewis Huang,
Graduating Student,
Singapore Polytechnic

The course was conducted by an industry veteran which gave me a practical perspective of how peers (in the industry) handle the operations of various payment products. There was good knowledge sharing as the trainer encouraged active participation. Thus this is a good course recommended for banking IT or operations professional wanting to have an overview of this subject matter.

Ang Wee Ngee,

I signed up for the course to gain a greater understanding of the latest cash management trends and learn from peers in the industry. I am delighted to say the course has met my objectives. The trainers are very experienced and the course materials are informative references which provide both business and operations views. I strongly recommend this course to bankers, service providers or people who wish to have a better understanding of cash management. Well done FITA!

Danny Goh,
Product Manager

This course has helped me brush up my thought process around cash management and provided a deeper appreciation of the workflow and application architecture of how the various corporate banking products and services are supported. I had a nice and positive learning experience.

Ritesh Singh,
Integration Lead


I attended the 3 day course in Financial Market Ops & Tech and find the course well designed to provide the in-depth details of operation workflows including key data, risk controls and systems architecture from front office, middle office and back office and technology. Furthermore, the classroom role-play activities and project-case study have helped participants to apply the concept and the knowledge learned from the course into practice. Thank you so much for the wonderful course.

Tim Teo,

I now have a stronger understanding of the domain. The knowledge gained extends to not only the terminologies or mechanisms used but also provided examples of general algorithm and the way it is being used real-life. This will come in useful when I design our own work flow and system design.

Teng Wei Chian,
IT Specialist

Thank you for organising the course. It is very useful and I have learnt something that really helps in my daily work.

Liao Zhicheng,
System Analyst


I’ve gained a better appreciation of IT governance, security and control. There was a good mix of theory, case studies and industry insights.

Ong Chih Yeh,
Solutions Consultant

After attending this course , I’ve gained fundamental knowledge of the important aspects of the IT risk, threats and vulnerabilities. With the several activities conducted, I can better relate to the concepts of IT Risk, Governance and Compliance.

Musashi Kazuhiro,
IT Consultant

This course is engaging and innovative, distinctly different from other courses that I have previously attended. The use of technology, gamification and case studies, keeps the class motivated to complete our tasks and to experience and learn the role of a Project Manager.

Kelvin Yeo,
Business Director

I had a very positive experience with the SMU course on Managing Banking IT Projects. The course content was delivered in an excellent manner with the use of simulation games and an appropriate level of class room role play. I highly recommend this course by Dr Lee to an organization seeking to get the employees up to speed and the realities of managing IT projects.

Joe Goh,
Vice President,
Business Management Support & Projects

With a better understanding of the wealth management industry – its asset classes, products and processes, I can now better relate the business needs back to the IT domain. Also, I can appreciate how my work links to a bigger picture.

Sheng Nie,
Senior Consultant

Last updated on 28 Jun 2016 .