About the Workshop

In an increasingly technology-driven world, DevOps is fast becoming an imperative strategy to accelerate the continuous delivery of software that also enhances cost efficiency and quality. Indeed, the DevOps movement has revolutionized and evolved and is at various adoption levels in different organisations, large and complex or otherwise. Some organisations may be thinking about embarking on DevOps to reap the much talked about benefits from its implementation.

Will embracing DevOps culture and philosophy and immersing in its practice provide some answers to one of the fundamental business questions: “How can we introduce product more quickly to better meet our customers’ needs and thrive in the marketplace?”

The seminar aims to provide insights into the DevOps principles and practices, experiences and lessons learned from the thought leaders, practitioners and adopters of DevOps. The workshop aims to equip practitioners with some knowhow on related Continuous Delivery topics.

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Learning Outcomes

At the end of the seminar, participants should

  • Get up to speed on emerging topics like Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration and DevOps
  • Understand how Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration and DevOps are different from your traditional operating model
  • Gain insights into aligning organisational culture and teams for DevOps to be effective
  • Gain insights into challenges faced by big complex organisations who have adopted DevOps and how they overcome those challenges
  • Gain insights into the best practices and valuable lessons from some high performing organisations

Who Should Attend

  • Seminar is catered for business and technology professionals who are driving transformations and anyone involved from the development to operations lifecycle (including business roles and executive management and those in the support functions)
  • For the full programme, at least one stakeholder from across the development to operations lifecycle (Product, Dev, QA, Ops, etc.) are encouraged to attend.