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Public Programmes

Catering to New Entrants and IT Professionals at large

The programme leading to SMU Professional Certificate in Technology and Operations (IBF Level 1) is the first in Singapore to be accredited under the IBF Standards for Technology and Operations. It is specially designed for entry-level IT professionals in the financial services industry, aspiring graduates and IT professionals looking to enter the industry. Comprising four core modules and a chosen business segment – Asset Management, Commercial Banking, Investment Banking and Retail Banking, the programme aims to provide a strong foundation in IT competencies and also imparts cross-functional knowledge of related operations of the financial institutions.

A practitioner who successfully completes an IBF Level 1 programme will be conferred the IBF Qualified (IBFQ) certification status and is entitled to use the IBF certification mark.

Catering to Professionals in Specialised IT Roles

A slew of concise courses (typically 3-days) are aimed at enhancing specific skills and those working in specialised IT roles. These programmes are endorsed under IDA’s National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF) or the IBF Standards and are targeted at entry to specialist and middle-level professionals working in or supporting the financial services industry. These courses provides an overview of the banking landscape including products and processes, associated IT system architecture and evolving trends of the various business segments. Specialist courses provide a deep dive into the end-to-end transaction workflow, IT application / system design and architecture and IT infrastructure management and support for the key business lines.

IT Risk Management and Security Series

SMU Certificate in IT Risk, Governance & Security (IBF Level 1)
SMU Professional Certificate in Governance, IT Risk Management and Compliance (IBF Level 2)
SMU Professional Certificate in Service Resiliency Readiness (Advanced)
SMU Professional Certificate in Service Resiliency & Recoverability Management (Advanced)#
SMU Professional Certificate in IT Security Risk Management (Advanced)#
Digital Transformation Series *

Transforming IT, Delivering Performance - A DevOps and Continuous Delivery Approach
Digital Transformation - Rethinking Business Possibilities
Embracing DevOps for Continuous Delivery
Extracting Business Value through Data Analytics
Achieving Delivery Optimisation through Agile
Immersing into DevOps for Continuous Delivery
Performing Data Analytics - An Approach for Citizen Data Scientist
Enterprise Series

Introduction to Business Analytics
Managing Banking IT Projects
SMU Certificate in Project and Change Management (Advanced)#
IT Operations Management (Advanced)#
Managing IT and Business Requirements (Advanced)#
Corporate / Commercial Banking Operations and Technology

Cash Management
Corporate Lending
Trade Finance
Financial Markets Operations and Technology

Clearing and Settlement
Risk Management Systems
Retail Banking Operations and Technology

Channels and Services
Core Banking
Asset / Wealth Management Operations and Technology

Investment in Currencies and Commodities
Technology Risk Management Workshop Series

Insights into Money Laundering and Technology Risk Management
Technology Risk Management Workshop 1 - A Practical Approach
Technology Risk Management Workshop 2 - MAS Outsourcing

#New courses to be launched in 2016
*Course is in the midst of undergoing accreditation.

Course Schedule

  2017   |     2017

Last updated on 01 Mar 2017 .