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Anti-Money Laundering & Cyber Security Series

ISACA CSX Pratitioner Boot Camp 

12 - 16 Jun 2017
Designed for IT professionals who wish to get a head start in a cyber security career, this course aims to build complex and advanced technical skills essential for career advancement and help prepare its participants for the ISACA CSX Practitioner certification examination. Conducted in an adaptive, live cyber laboratory environment, this condensed hands-on course enables participants to build critical technical skills by learning complex concepts and practice applying industry-leading methods. » Read more


Anti-Money Laundering and its Ecosystme

Anti-Money Laundering and its Ecosystems

With reference to some of the recent money laundering incidents, this workshop provides key insights into each of these incidents, their contributing factors and control and compliance lapses. Participants will learn through table top exercises, how to detect money laundering cases and good anti-money laundering practices for managing the risks of money laundering activity. » Read more



Last updated on 19 May 2017 .