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Digital Transformation Series

SMU Certificate in FinTech & Innovation

27 - 29 September 2017

Fintech is at the forefront of financial innovation. Across the globe, we are beginning to see how emerging players in FinTech are innovating and dramatically reshaping customer experience with new game-changing business models. Learn how your organisation could leverage emerging technologies and new business models in the FinTech ecosystem to address your current and future customers needs more holistically and develop innovative value propositions without losing sight of your current core offerings and revenue streams » Read more


Immersing into DevOps for Continuous Delivery

Immersing into DevOps for Continuous Delivery (3 days)

13-15 September 2017

This course covers the concept of continuous integration, continuous delivery, microservices, infrastructure as code monitoring and orchestration and how they are incorporated into DevOps functions. Learn and appreciate how DevOps is being implemented in various industries and glean insights into the practices and principles adopted. Industry relevant hands-on exercises and case studies are used to enhance the learning on implementation of DevOps services.

Immerse into the world of DevOps and get started on a journey to creating your own DevOps culture.. » Read more


Immersing into DevOps for Continuous Delivery

Embracing DevOps for Continuous Delivery (1 day)

12 September 2017

DevOps enables teams to deliver software at a higher quality faster.

This course provides a scan of DevOps landscape that has evolved in multiple areas ranging from technologies, tools to services and emergence of new players servicing the various aspects of DevOps. Through use case demonstrating the end-to-end application of DevOps methodologies in the development and delivery and operation management of the IT systems, you will learn and appreciate the different approaches organisations take in implementing DevOps and the competencies and skillsets DevOps professionals should be equipped with.» Read more


Achieving Delivery Optimisation through Agile


This course aims to provide leaders and managers an overview of the main concepts associated with Agile. The participants will understand the difference of being agile rather than doing agile and understand the organisational impact and value Agile could have on businesses. It aims to imbue a fundamental view of Agile as not a process change, but a culture change where participants will be able to experience Agile through a simulation by which they may then implement the knowledge within their teams, departments and organisationss. » Read more




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